This article, Zaga'rath, is still being created by KingKatanova, he apologizes for the inconvenience.

Redesigned Concept of Zaga'rath, orginally drawn by Immortal_Wraith and developed by KingKatanova

Zaga'rath is an Artifact found on Terfall, said to be a Scythe that can rip the steal the soul of any Mortal it strikes, storing it within the crystal found on its pedestal. The Artrifact itself has fallen into legend and believed to be nothing but a myth as it has not been seen in battle for over 100,000 years or so, some claim that it was discovered by Marrow and kept within his home as a trophy, however many dismiss this rumour as just a myth.


It is believed that Theda; God of death and collector of mortal souls, created Zaga'rath as a trophy to the first mortal in history to sucessfully become a reaper, this reaper has never been revealed in Terfall's history as it is believed that the reaper was from another planet that came to Terfall to furfile its duties.   


Zaga'rath was designed to function as a sycthe as has a staff and a long curved blade, however as it was created by a God, it posses a vast amount of the god's magic within Zaga'rath and will bestow that magic to whoever wields it.

It was crafted using Death Crystal craved into a shape of a mantle and the blade, and Witherwood as the staff alongwith the handle, it's bracket which secures the blade to the staff was crafted from Titan Iron.

The Blade is tri ended in the green cystal and is so sharp that is can cut through diamond without breaking, it bares several rune markings all across the 2 faces in a yellow tint through the crystal.


  • Ds

    Original Concept Art Of Zaga'rath The Original One

    Zaga'rath was developed by Immortal_Wraith
  • The original concept drawing (left) was made by Immortal_Wraith in his arts & crafts class, the redesign (right) was developed by KingKatanova following the concept drawing
  • In non canon it is wielded by Marrow
  • When i made this picture it had Helmet And Armor in it but i did not like the requests because Black Star Armor was too much like the drakari armor and the helmet was like crown of deathlord and champion's helmet mix and helmet name was gonna Be Crown Of Bones.

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