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Ywelle Tiant
Concept of Ywelle as a Vampire
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Highland Baronship, Vampire Regime (Formerly)
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Date of Birth - Death 128PD
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Aliases Maiden of Snowright, Consort of the Blood King, Matron of Spiders
Class Arachnomancer
Nature Chaotic Good

Ywelle formerly known as Ywelle Tiant was a Highlander girl of nobility who was turned into a Vampire by Blood King Terrad and made into his second consort along with Adria.

Unbeknownst Vampire Regime, Ywelle remained loyal to the Highland Baronship and managed to feed information to their last bastion of Norden. Following the events of the Uwen's Uprising and eventually collapse of the Vampire Regime, Ywelle remained in service to the Baronship as the emissary to what remained of the Vampires left from the Regime.

She even fought for the Baronship in the Chaos War, where many vampires lost what life they had left in the hands of Chaos Horde's invasion.It is presumed she died in that war as the following subjugation of the Baronship to the Kingdom of Stars, Ywelle had disappeared.


Ywelle grew up like any other Human in the Highland Pass. She was born in the City of Snowright whilst it was still under the leadership of the Gordo Family. She in her youth was scared and frightened of "Creepers" which was her word for Spiders. She could not stand them. Their eyes, legs and fangs. Ywelle never left Snowright in her youth, she attanted school there for 6 years. Upon reaching 12 however Ywelle was told by her mother that something came up in the City of Tewe, which was only a phew hours walking distance from Snowright. Ywelle only knew of the other cities and towns in the highlands through her schooling, she never actully seen them. Only 3 months later Snowright was attacked by the Undead. With little in their defense. Snowright quickly fell to Vampire rule. Ywelle was captured and kept as a prisoner in Tewe, Where she would remained trapped in its bleek dungeon for 9 years until her 21 birithday where she was turned into a Vampire herself.

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