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Concept of a Yifford

The Yiffords also known as the Wildmen of Highpass and the Wildlanders are clans of Highlanders who are encountered within the several valleys of Highpass & Ravine. They retain the old ways of their ancestors who believe in the Great Spirits and have been known to often raid and pillage across the mountainous regions.


The Yiffords are what remains of the ancient highlander clans which did not relinquish their culture in pursuit of nationality with the greater world. These rugged warrior based clans saw what happened with many of the other clans who willingly converted their religion and culture to that of the Way of Light or the Five Paths and say this as weakness to the great spirits. They kept with the old ways, remaining elusive to most others in the greater world, tucking away into the great valleys that dot highpass's landscape.

The Yiffords culture often left them combating each other over petty difference or just for the love of bloodshed that their presence was altogether forgotten. It wasn't until Highland Baronship decided to try and

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