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Concept of Xecien as the God of Chaos
Vital statistics
Species/Race God, Eternal One
Affiliation Eternal Ones (Formerly), Chaos Horde
Origin Titan's Palace, Infinia
Date of Birth - Death Before recorded history - Present
Relations Khalaq (Father), Despro (Uncle), Eternal Ones (Siblings), Aspiral Kings (Cousins), Hellspawn (Offspring)
Aliases God of Order (Formerly), God of Chaos
Class God
Nature Chaotic Evil (Formally Lawful Neutral)
 Xecien is the god of chaos and anarchy who is the supreme leader over the Chaos Horde and is by far the primary antagonist across the Titan Universe from his conquests in both Infinia and Mortalia.

Formerly part of the Eternal Ones, Xecien was a beacon paragon for order and justice and one the most stalwart in the ambitions of his siblings ideal to maintain peace. However, his conflicts with the Aspiral Kings led his to seek results from outside influences, were he came into contact with a being within Osidia who imbued his powers to Titan levels however it twisted his resolve, seeing order as a weakness and that life must be rewarded to those strong enough to grasp it, he abandoned the eternals, forming his own realm and forming his own army that would conquer the realm for his new ideal, life through chaos.