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Concept of Xecien after becoming the Eternal One of Chaos
Vital statistics
Race God, Eternal One
Media Present Titan Land Fall of Kingdoms, Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall
Affiliation Order Worship (Formerly), Eternal Prayer (Formerly), Chaos Worship
Birthplace Titan's Palace, Realm of Magic
Date of Birth - Death Before dated time
Relations {{{Relations}}}
Aliases Eternal One of Order (Formerly) Eternal One of Chaos
Class God
Nature Chaotic Evil (Formally Lawful Neutral)
 Xecien is the Eternal One affiniated with chaos and disorder, originally the patron deity of order and justice. Xecien's alignment shifted after his encounter with the Destoryer which corrupted him from within. He is now considerely the main antagonist of the entire Titan universe.



Like the other four Eternal One Gods, Xecien came into being through the fragmention of their father; The Creator's soul. Xecien took the affinity of order and became his sibling's protector from the dark influences of their uncle The Destroyer, fighting back against whatever monsters or attack he sent against them. He became more powerful with each attack.

Duel against The Destroyer

Victory & Corruption

Creation of Aftermath

Battle of Titans

Crystaline Imprisonment

Corruption of Sealiam & Escape

The Darkening

Dominion of the Galaxy 

Slow Corruption

War for Katanova

Enfusement with Tirith

Chaos War

Released Soul




Xecien Pre-Chaos

Concept of Xecien's appearance Pre-Chaos


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