Concept of a Knight's Wraith

Wraiths are a type of Undead which exist within the realm of Mortalia, they are spirits of fallen mortals which have been twisted by Death Magic into haunting soldiers against the living. Unlike Arisen, Wraiths do not possess a physical form an appear as glimmering reflections of their former selves or as shadowy apperations.

Types of WraithEdit

Like Arisen, there are different types of Wraith that can be told apart from one another, the differeneces are pretty subtle but siginficant.


Wight are the lowest form of Wraith that can be found, they are the twisted spirits of simple male mortals which is mostly peasentry and slaves. Wights do not mean much in terms of danger as they generally avoid conflict if not provoked or controlled, however just like most undead can become problematic as they only bare weakenness to Magic.

Wights are mostly seen around regions which have been siginficantly affected by the pressence of Death Magic, such places as Naz'grim, Shen'dow, The Elder Barrows, Horroville, Karthmere & the Ruins of Stexk.


Banshees are the only form of Wraiths to which most female mortals can become, they are the most troublesome due to their unpredictablability and their horrific screeches which can deafen a living if it is heard for to long. They are mostly seen around the Elder Barrows and Horroville.


Revenants are the rarest form of wraiths as they are the spirits of both male and female lords over other mortals. They possess the armoured reflection of their former selves and are the most dangerous due to their insane stillness but swift movements. They can easily be mistaken for Reapers in haunting guise. They are only seen within the lordly realms, Horroville, Elder Barrows, Stexk & Karthmere.

Noteable WraithsEdit

  • Aldare Nitefal - Wraith Lord
  • Ulfrin Blacksoul - Lord of the Barrows
  • Venessa Deepmyre - Maiden of Anquish
  • Kier'xen - Revenant of Stexk
  • Johan Lehto - Castellan of Kathmere

References Edit

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