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Concept of a Winterscared Njordsir

The Winterscared are Sentient Mortals who have become a Corrupted, they are enthralled into servitude to Rioclya; the self proclaimed god over the frozen north. They are enchanted with corrupted ice abilites which covers their bodies in frozen shards and tint there flesh a tealish hue, They fight in the War for Winter.

Characteristics Edit

While having similar humanoid appearances to the races they descend from, they are taller, usually around a feet more then there original self and have white hair. They have pale grey to white skin which due to there powers with ice have been toughened to such a degree that there very skin can deflect steel. Their most notable trait is that there name's sake, they are covered from head to toe with tealish, crystalline scars and glowing teal eyes.

Powers Edit

Winterscared possess magic related directly to Ice, mainly that they can manipulate it to serve their own ends, either by covering themselves in and icy carapace, or turning their very hands into weapons to fight with. Other forms of their magic is the ability to command Ice Elementals and enforce their will against their enemies. They have superhuman strength that could rival that of the Olohs.

Weaknesses Edit

Winterscared are vulnerable to Fire, both partially and magically, for it renders there magic useless and their very armour exposed, it have come to the follow defensive way that anything has found to try and defeat their creatures. The fabled Thanes of the Flame make use of this weakness, igniting their weapons in a flammable liquid or by magical enchantment to ensure their strikes sunder the winter scared.

Another, lesser known weakness of the Winterscared is, like most corrupted they are vulnerable to Light Magic. As it can strike at their deep, black souls and smite them. However this form of magic is never often used in the form of offence, not since the destruction of the Templar Brotherhood and the lost of their fabled Paladins.

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