Werewolf Pack group

Unknown pack of Werewolves on the hunt

Werewolf Packs are family structure of werewolves to protect, hunt and preserve what remains of the Werekind secret to the rest of Terfall. The packs have been around since the first werewolves and despite thousands of years and new packs being formed to expand without rivalries, each pack has gone by a secret insignia known only by the werewolves of their pack and of other packs.


Ever since the first werewolves who came to be through the curse of Lycanthropy, there has allways been a pack structure, like a natural instinct from their wolf cousins to seek out mortals who are cursed like them for reffuge.

The Original werewolf pack was believed to be the Modrass Pack of 5564ER where they where originally the ones who hunted down and killed the Lunar Wolf and as a result where turned into Werewolves through Lycanthropy by enraging the beast's mother Crescent. Having to flee from their friends and family, the Modrass pack made a life for themselves deep within the unknown regions of Tewe Forest.


Modrass PackEdit

Sivlan PackEdit

Conner PackEdit

Willbow PackEdit


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