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A Skarthrope (left), Lycantrhope True Blood (centre) and Baerthrope (right)

Werekinds are a race of Cursed Sentient Mortals which are created from one of the different Were Curses. Each type of Werekind or Thrope is affinitiated with a different Mortal Animal and the curses themselves have been a plaque at the side of progress for thousands of years. However the Accursed see it rather as a blessing rather then that of a curse.



There are several different types of Werekind found across the Mortal Realm. Most which appear in Terfall, each type takes the appearance and traits of a animal after being stricken with a Were Curse. these are....

  • Lycanthrope - also known as Werewolves, Lycanthropes are a wolf-like Werekind, stricken with Lycanthropy which is pasted on through bite.
  • Baerthrope - also known as Werebears, Baerthropes are a bear-like Werekind, stricken with Baerthropy which is pasted on through bite.
  • Ailuranthrope - also known as Werecats, Ailuranthropy are a Panther-like Werekind, stricken with Ailuranthropy which is pasted on through bite.
  • Skarthrope - also known as Wererats, Skarthrope are a Rat-like Werekind, stricken with Skarthropy which is pasted on through an artifial toxin.


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