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Web of Creation

The Web of Creation is a cosmic phenomenon which creates life across the Titan Universe. An ethereal link which binds all life together, the Web's very nature to spread creation is the reason behind the universe's diversity and abundance.

History Edit

Origin Edit

The Origin to the Web of Creation has been the topic of much debate regarding both mortals and gods. It is mostly believed that the Web of the Creation came to being through the entity known as the Web King. Whether he created it himself or brought it to the expanse of emptiness with him is unknown. However, both the Web King and the Web of Creation are parts of each other. The Web of Creation is what created energy into the forming the Titan Universe, it created matter with nothing, which then formed the Titans, the first beings which the universe was named after them. The Titans

Web-Post Edit

What is referred to as a Web-post is a point in time and space that sits on the posts which binds the web of creation within the planes of the titan universe, This is usually represented as a planet of Mortalia or the epicentre of infinia. These points in endless space are were the web of creation is at its highest power and is where life stems force unwieldy and sporadically.

Life Chord Edit

The Web of Creation is chaotic in nature and unyielding to any who have sought to claim the web for their own design. However, through the titans they managed to create an object which could manipulate the web into a form a control, the Life Chord was used handed down Khalaq & Destyro who together broke the chaos which formed from the web's formation with titans and what was the earliest form of mortals. They re-organised the Web into forming the realms of existance which are known now as Infinia, Mortalia & the Beyond.

References Edit

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