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Web King
Web King
Concept of the presumed Web King
Vital statistics
Species/Race {{{Species/Race}}}
Affiliation Web of Creation, Titan Universe
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown
Relations Web of Creation, Titans
Aliases The Maker, Web's Will
Class Unknown
Nature True Neutral

 The Web King also known as The Maker or the Web's Will is a mysterious being that is believed to have been the architect of the Web of Creation, and in so doing the Titan Universe itself. However as no entity has every witnessed him, he may never have existed at all.


Since no being has ever truly seen or spoken to the Web King, as the only ones who may have are the Titans and they have long since left this universe, so it is just left to theory without a true answer as to the maker's involvement, the Entity Theory, the Legend Theory & the Manifest Theory

Entity Theory Edit

The entity theory believes that the Web King was a true entity which came to the universe in it's infancy, were it was nothing more then dust and energy. The Web King formed the Web of Creation to..........

Legend Theory Edit

The legend theory believes that the Web King never existed at all, and that he was only a myth told by gods to explain why the Web of Creation came into existence in the universe.

Manifest Theory Edit


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