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Web King
Web King
Concept of the Web King
Vital statistics
Race Unknown (corporeal being that exists before the creation of Titans
Media Present N/A
Affiliation Web of Life
Birthplace Unknown (Believed to have been born in another universe)
Date of Birth - Death Unknown (believed to have been born before the start of the Titan Universe
Relations {{{Relations}}}
Aliases the maker, Web of Life
Class Titan
Nature True Neutral

 The Web King is a mysterious being that is believed to be the cause behind the Web of Life and the creation of the Titans.


No one really knows about the being that is called the Web King, the Titans of old were the ones to give it that name whilst they fed on the Web of Life. What they passed down to the Gods and kept in history within the Titan Palace was that the Web King appeared in this universe. From where, and to why? many eluding questions fall unanswered when it comes to the Web King. The god's history also mentions that either the web king created the web of life, or that he used the web itself to fabricate the Titan Universe. He then went on to forging the Titans to feed and grow from the energies of his web and that, in time would grow into becoming the architects to take his tools in reforging the universe into their own desires.

What is mostly believed by the Titans and the Gods is that the Web King is still alive, that his spirit and will lies within the Web of Life itself, which could answer for the un-controllable nature of the web, even with the Life Chord. And possibly the reason by the Webbing Ruptures that forge new life.

Another key part about the Web King is that many beings that sought or who are still seeking to fully control the Web of Life, and perhaps if it still exists within the web control the web king to forge the very foundations of the universe in their favour. This is believed to be the final endplan of many hostile gods such as Xecien and Harnak.


The Web King possessed no physical form when mentioned by the Titans, many suggest that the web king is completly corporeal made from the pure energy of the Web of Life or the energy that forged the web. 


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