Web of Life

Concept of Web

Web is one of the 9 Elements of Magic. Considered one the lesser elements in the view of mortals. Web is defined as union and order en mass. Commonly associated with the Spiders. It is, in terms of the other 9 Elements, the most powerful and energy efficient. Most notable is the Web of Life. a Divine artifact which Celestris, the Eternal one of Light used to create Life in the Universe.

Web is not commonly seen or used by Mortals. There has only been 1 main entity which used it as a ability; Silk: The Elemental Knight of Web. Other people that use or used web was Ywelle Tiant; a Vampire who wields Web because of her affinity to spiders.

Web PowerEdit

Web is regarded amongst its patrons as the most powerful form of magic known to mortals. It been the basic structure and providence in the creation of life itself. However its extremely hard to master. Web can only be taught by those sunken to a level that only a spider can endure. Or by consistent study of Spiders.