Elven War
The War of Elves and Orcs was a war fought between the two races from 234ER and ended in 122ER, mostly taking place in and around Eskus.

History Edit

The war began when the ambious Grey Emperor Vulen planned to send his military forces into the Orc controlled territories of southern Esksus, which under the decree of the previous Grey Emperor Vexxs to be allowed to fall under the jurisdiction of the scattered Orcish clans. When they arrived in these territories they were ordered to evict the orcs from the lands. However with typical hostilaties towards the Orcs and Elves, they orcs refused to leave. So the elven soldiers were ordered to forcefully remove the orcs. Those that tried to resist where put down, this carried on towards every settlements the orcs had in the region, leaving them to simply burn. Those that could not reach the border back into Orccen were either relocated to Shakara or killed.

When news reached the the orc clans across the face of Orccen. A Clansmeet was formed which brought all the waring chieftains together to find a soluution to the increasing threats of the Elves and that the lost of their clans in eskus.

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