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Concept of a Walrussian
Vital statistics
Affiliation Walrussian Tribes, Kingdom of Thorgaard
Age Unknown - N/A
Aliases Walrus Men
Religion Shamanism, Njod
Mount None
Leader Walrussian Chieftains, King of Thorgaard
Intelligence 7
Height 7 - 9 feet
Environment Any, but prefer coastal snow lands
Lifespan 90 years
 Walrussians are a species of Sentient Mortal from Terfall,dwelling in the coastal regions of Uthway. They wish for peace in their lands, however have been pulled into a war with the Winterscared and have choosen to join the Kingdom of Thorgaard with the Njordsir.




  • Walrussian are based closely on Tuskarr from WoW
  • The name "Walrussian" comes from the combination of the name "Walrus"; which is the animal base of the walrussians and "Russian" the denizens of russia.
  • Walrussians where never to appear in the orginal concept of Kingdoms of Terfall. However, KingKatanova found a way of allowing them the same away as the Njordsir.


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