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Vermina Deathome
Vermina Deathome
Concept of Vermina Deathome
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Black Covenant (Formerly), Dawn Republic
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Date of Birth - Death 5443ER
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Aliases Lady of Shen'dow, Dark Elf liberator
Class Barrow Keeper
Nature Chaotic Neutral
 Vermina Deathome is a Drakari Barrow Keeper who as of the post-darkening timeline fights for the Dawn Republic to remove the tryanny and damnation of her kin's nation; the Black Covenant.



Vermina Deathome was born in the Drakari's capital city of Shen'dow to her father Vehna Deathome and his first mistress Ideru, Vermina is Vehna's first child of which after a phew 1000 years she became the sister to 2 brothers Meeru Deathome and Draven Deathome. Throughout Vermina's childhood, she grew up in the confines of Shen'dow with her mother until the time came when Vermina could begin training for a profession.



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