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Concept of a Vel'enge

Vel'enge or more commonly known as Mummies are a form of undead that haunt the ancient tombs across Shakara. Unlike the more common variants of undead such as skeletons and zombies, Vel'enge are entirely independent and still possess their free will and memories which would often drove them to madness and seclusion.

History Edit

First Sightings Edit

The first recorded sightings of the Vel'enge was by a Shenari expodition into the Viri tombs under Band

Origin Edit

The Vel'enge are said to have originated after the devastation caused by the Viri Sorcerer Ba'allan. With the prophecy of the downfall of the Viri Kingdom, Ba'allan could never comprehend this future without the kingdom, he spent hundreds of years preparing his magic into a ritual that he believed would perfect the elves ability to regenerate their cells, allowing the Viri essentially immortality.

Ba'allan gained notoriety and the notices of foreign powers, he received the aid of Gelldir and Drakari mages as the elven court heard of ba'allan's plan and wanted to aid him, for the continuation of the empire. He soon came to Ba'allan that the ritual he had planned required the essence of a being who was connected to death itself. After speaking with the grand high reaper they concluded that for the ritual to be successful, Ba'allan required a reaper essence, a minor council member was chosen and the ritual was under way.

With the reaper in position, the ritual went under way, Ba'allan using a focusing gem would direct the flow of death energy through the Eye of the Desert, which would then disperse throughout the land. The ritual would only take a portion of the reapers power, thus keeping the ritual from draining it completely. However, a Gelldir mage under command directly from the Grey Emperor, tampered with the ritual, sabotaging the focusing gem and disabling Ba'allan's control.