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Concept of Var'fuil

Var'fuil was a planet in the mortal realm, it was the home of the sentient mortal species the Sons of Var'fuil for 10s of thousands of years however as of 10,000ER the planet alongwith the Sons of Var'fuil disappeared from the history books, leaving only the young prince Ascalon on the planet Terfall as their legacy.


Var'fuil is mostly covered by ice and snow, no other sentient race would survive the temperature of the planet for the temperature being almost near Absolute Zero temperature.


Concept of Var'fuil from inside


  • Var'fuil was a god of snow and ice before becoming a planet to the sons of var'fuil.
  • Var'fuil is now just an empty planet with it ruins.
  • "KingKatanova" - Var'fuil does not stand as one of the 8 web post planets, which is has no real motivation of the gods to desire it's dominion. It could be that the "Var'fuil" creature was one of the many Titans who lost much of its cosmetic power following the great expansion of the universe. That he came to this frozen planet and form an interesting bond of the planet to the Web of Creation. It could also point to why the planet was then left in a ruin following the titan's demise, as this pervertion of the freedom to the web of creation could have made it lash out against the planet and destroy its link.


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