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Vampires are Sentient Mortals who are inflicted with the Vampirisim Curse. Turning them into vicious, almost unstoppable predators, who's soul resource is the blood of uninfected Sentient Mortals, They some can say they could be classed as Demonkin to that of the Goddess of Blood; Far'rince.



Strengths Edit

Vampires are immortal if they continue to drain the life essense of the living. They are also immune to common diseases and can easily repair battle wounds. They are stronger and are able to see within darkness. finally Vampires can smell out blood from miles away and like sharks are rather drawn to a blood frenzy if they havent fed for awhile.

Weaknesses Edit

Like most undead, vampires are exetremely allergic to holy energy and are distained from someone who use it. such as the templars who hunt them and priests of the church. Also artifacts which is commonly affiniated with holy energy such as holy water and crosses. Vampires wont die from prolonged expossure to sunlight like most over sterotypical vampires. However they are weakened and slowed when exposed to it.