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Uwen Lichen
Uwen Lichen
Uwen Lichen as the Death Prophet
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Idara (Formerly), School of the Gifted (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Academy of Luna (Formerly), Cult of Skulls, Blood Kingdom, Shadowcurse Clan
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Date of Birth - Death 122PD
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Aliases Mage of the Gifted, Mage of the Academy, Archmage of the Academy, Archnecromancer, Second Death Prophet
Class Universal Mage (Formerly), Necromancer
Nature Chaotic Evil (Formerly Lawful Neutral)
 Uwen Lichen was a Idaran mage who first became the Archmage of the Academy of Luna form ---PD to ---PD were after his forceful removal of the role he became the Archnecromancer to the Cult of Skulls, being an adviser and confidant of Mardrake Transfer. After Mardrake death in the War of Bones, Uwen then became the second Death Prophet and retreated then remnants of the cult to Karthmere in Highpass were he slowly rebuilt their strength and forces. He then took part in the transactions of the Blood Kingdom and the conversion of the Orc's Shadowcurse Clan to the cult's influence.

In ---PD, Uwen finally struck out with the regained strength of the cult along with the blood kingdom to first destroy the remnants of the Highland Baronship, and then onwards to the Kingdom of Stars, the event was laster named Uwen's Uprising. Uwen's plans were ultimately fouled and he was Destroyed by the unleashed magic of Andrakeas Katanova,


Origin Edit

Uwen was born into the Idaran Family of Lichen through Martian and Erin in the Town of Amberstone in 122 Post Darkening. Where from an early age, he showed magical potential and his parents acting upon it. Bringing him magic books from the Main Cities. The Lichen Family where well known across Idara as Winemakers which brought them gold and influence in Idaran Society. Uwen didnt have to want for anything. On Uwen's 12 Birthday, His parents and family granted his wish of training as a Mage and was able to purchase a space for Uwen on the next ship to Lunastar. Where Uwen then had to cross the city to the Academy of Magic and test his magic. Which he passed with flying colours. For the next 14 years, Uwen learned the magical arts first hand and became a exceptional Arcanist. After he believed he had learned enough Uwen returned to Idara to form the School of the Gifted , a center that could start people who believe they possess magical potential within idara to be tutored until they reached the age where they could attend the academy of Magic.

Uwen Lichen Pre-evil

Image Depicting Uwen Lichen during his post of Archmage of the Academy of Magic

Uwen managed the School for 10 years, reaching the age of 36, where he recieved the news that the Archmage of the Acadamy of Magic; Larndo Lightheart; had recently passed away of old age and his successor had mysteriously disappeared. The academy wanted to appoint Uwen; their brightest pupil as the new Archmage of the Academy. Uwen was thrilled. He passed on the School of the Gifted to his Nephew Deris Lichen and moved back to lunastar. Where Uwen took the mantle of Archmage of the Acadamy of Lunastar. Uwen made a profitable possion as the Archmage, bringing in several new and bright students from both the Kingdom of Stars and his homeland of Idara and even some from the Hahaska Nation. Being Archmage, Uwen had to be the go between from the Kingdom of Stars roling royal; who at the time was Andrew Katanova, the 2 did nto get along very much. Uwen was resolute and tryed as best he could to keep the Academy free of foriegn powers trying to control it. In 160PD Uwen approved the application of the young Katanova Princess; Maria. Uwen closely watched over Maria's training personally and deemed that just after 5 years. That she had learned all she could of magic. Qualifing as a Arcanist and a Elementalist. But Andrew threw his power into the academy's structure and forced Uwen to reliqunish her role as archmage. When Uwen refused. Andrew had him banished and forcefully removed. Placing Maria as his sucessor. Uwen, now banished saught shelter where he could find it, he was unable to return to Idara because he couldnt get a ship out. Uwen went where other banished went. To the Eternal Graveyard. Uwen remained sheltered with the other banished in their rugged tents for 3 years. When he recieved word of the Banishment of Mardrake Transfer; The High Priest of Light in Kat Prime who Uwen had council with. Mardrake was eventually found by Uwen and the other banished 6 months later after walking the desert. It was then that Mardrake was contacted by death and givin the Chronciles of Necromancy. Uwen was the appointed leader of the banished and spoke with mardrake on this matter. Mardrake told Uwen that they should train in the art of Necromancy and form the Cult of Skulls under Mardrake and Uwen's leadership and have a chance at revenge against Andrew Katanova. Uwen being sympathetic and fueled with the unbrindled pain that andrew had caused him agreed with mardrake and became Mardrake Transfer's Archnecromancer for the Cult of Skulls. During Uwen's time as Archnecromancer of the cult this was when Uwen's mind began to unravel, becoming a concesense of revenge and death alone.






  • Uwen Lichen's concept was only created during the switch from Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms to Titan Land Fall of Kingdoms, meaning he never appeared in the early versions.
  • Uwen's second name, Lichen was taken both from his afflication to the Lichs.
  • Uwen was inspired by Kel'thuzad of Warcraft's mythology.