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Concept of Uthway

Uthway also known as the Frozen North is a province of terfall and is contested over by the Njordsir of the Kingdom of Thorgaard and the Winterscared of Rioclya's Dominion.


Uthway began once as a tropical paradise filled with lush jungles, highly biodiverse wildlife, and a extraordnary pressence of magic around the island. The first race to discover Uthway was the Elves. Several Scholars from the Elven Empire came to the uncharted Island to cataloge it in their libaries. They discovered great Resources where of plenty to be found on the Island and with the empire current War of Old, the Elves needed all the resources they could get.

More and More Elves began to sail to Uthway, Elven Sugar and spice plantations where opened on Uthway and newly generated Humans where shipped to Uthway from the heartland of the Empire as slaves for the plantations. Fame and Wealth began to stockpile for the Elves of Uthway, and it showed, they grew more and more inpatient and racist towards their Human Slaves (more then the normal amount of disrimination Elves gave the Humans). Eventually, some very inginous Humans where able to fashion weapons from the envirnoment and just as quickly mount a revolt against the Elf Men. Thoses plantation that where able to stop the Human Revolters also deemed the rest of their human slaves expendible, they began a genocide against them. Most where killed and there bodies buried in the same fields they worked on. Some of the Human Revolters that managed to overrun their plantations heard about the elven genocide and took their families into the jungle, where they could better protect them.

Years began to pass, and the elves grew restless of the Humans (now called the Uthwayiens), they began several raids against the uthwayien's jungle home, but found them to be a stubborn oponnent. However, news came from the Elven Empire that all elves where to return to the Heartland. They elves did so, they abandoned their homes, plantations and slaves to the wilds of uthway and returned to the Elven Empire, much to their dismay. The uthwayiens flourished without their elven oppersers, pillaging what remained of the elves belonging they managed to create several small villages, and one large town or city in the central hub of Uthway.

Until the Darkening, The uthwayiens found Uthway paradise, but when the Chaos Shard crashed down into Mount Hela and begun the Darkening. Much of Uthway's warmth was absorbed by the flames below. plunging Uthway into an Icy Domain.

Icy Uthway

Uthway became a frozen tundra after the darkening, the trees, magical in strengh, quickly adapted to the new cold, and new spieces of animals where found their, from the Ice Wolves, to the powerful Ice Giants. Even the Uthwayiens themselves found living in Uthway Hard, most tribe in perticuler, actully became Beings of Ice to better live in the Cold. The Iceborn where created. Other uthwayiens either fled Uthway and found new islands to make their home on.

The Kingdom of Stars Expansion

The Human Nation of the Kingdom of Stars eventually sailed to the fabled Uthway Island as they read in Elf books of its great resources, when they got there and marched on its icy shores they found the last reminates of the Uthwayiens. Huddled together on the edge of Uthway. The Tribe's Elder spoke Elivish, so the Kingdom of Stars where able to find out much of Uthway's history from him, and that of the now dominate Uthwayien Iceborns. Soon later, they set up a Kingdom of Stars Outpost near to that Uthwayien Tribe, and happily let them live their in exchange for knowledge of uthway's resources.

The Uthway Outpost, as it called began to recieve more and more traders and sailors, both from the Kingdom of Stars and from the Empire of Hahaska, it became a powerful Shipping Port. The uthwayiens relations begin to grew within the 2 nations. Some began to even buy ships and sail for the nation's heartlands.