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Kingdom of Stars
Kingdom of Stars
Concept of the Kingdom of Stars Flag
Background Information
Type Kingdom
Location North western Sisitra, Terfall
Capital Katastar
Founded/Built 900PD
Ruler's King of Stars, Katanova Family
Other Information
Summary Kingdom of the Katanovians, Unified Kingdom of Five Paths
Other Names United Kingdom of Starlet, Kingdom of Five Paths
Inhabitants Katanovians, Shenari, Drakari, Highlanders, Goblins, Sarrians, Orcs
Language Avarish
Lifespan Campaign of Nova to Present Day

The United Kingdom of Stars, also known as the Kingdom of Five Paths and the Kingdom of Katanova is a sovereign state on Terfall which was founded following the Nova Campaign under the principles of the Kingdom of Katastar and the Five Paths. The state governs are referred too as Katanovians and since it's founding has been ruled by the Katanova Dynasty.

The United Kingdom of Stars has been established as being the central governing power of the Katanovian Empire


Origin Edit

The Kingdom of Stars did not come into being until the events of the Campaign of Nova, were said Nova managed to unify the Forekingdoms into forming a unified kingdom were he and his descent will be sole rulers.

Nova would eventually go on to remain himself "Katanova" following his coronation as the first King of Stars and making Katastar his capital city. He would follow unification work amongst what his people who by term began going by Katanovians to which the five different branches of the Five Paths could live cohesively together. Katanova would continue this until his death in 930PD were his first born son, Lysander Katanova took his father's name as his own family name to be the next King of Stars


Pre Chaos WarEdit

Post Chaos WarEdit

After the world altering Chaos War and the defeat and dissapearance of the Chaos Horde. What remained of the Former Kingdom of Stars Armies where reorganised by Lara Katanova from being a fraction oriainated into a unifed, singlouir force named the Army of Stars .

Regions of the Kingdom of StarsEdit

The Kingdom of Stars was divided between difference Regions. These were the following:

  • Lana Falls, a fractured forest and grassland region along the east bank of the River Li , north of Ravine and west of the Highland Pass.
  • Jewel Desert, a sandy dry region along the mages pass, bordering the Badlands and Kata's Descent through the Mage's Pass.
  • Cavern Isles, a thick forest island region in the centre of the crystal sea, north west of Kat Prime.
  • Scorn, a harsh, fiery region in the north eastern edge of the Kingdom. Bordering the Moris Plateau in the east and Lana Falls in the south through the River Er.
  • Kata's Descent, the captial region of the Kingdom that sits Kat Pimre within the Island of Freedom. Bordering Lana Falls to the east through the River Li and the Jewel Desert to the west through the Mage's Pass.

Cities and Fortressess of the Kingdom of StarsEdit


  • The Kingdom of Stars has tried to go by other names in its development, from the Kingdom of Katanova to the Starlet Kingdom, however none of those names applied to KingKatanova and he rejected them.
  • The Kingdom of Stars was one of the first lore designs created by KingKatanova, followed closely by the Katanova Family and the cities of the kingdom.
  • The Kingdom was created through it's civil war, ironic
  • In recent lore changes, the Kingdom of Stars eventually became a united kingdom rather then a singular kingdom, inspired by the United Kingdoms of England, Scotland & Wales