Titan Universe

Concept of the Titan Universe

The Titan Universe is simply the name given to the universe in which "kingdoms of terfall" story takes place in. It is believed to have been formulated by the Web King to ethereally power the Web of Creation.

Due to the infinite spectrum a universe could take, to keep it regulated the universe takes the form of 3 realms shown as a galaxy.

Within the centre lies Infinia, a infinite spectrum of energy were god are born and live, it bares no true corporeal form and it only seen physically by Mortals.

Around infinia lies Mortalia, a spectrum of 8 spirals that rotate around infinia. Each of these spirals contains a single planet which locks it with the Web of creation, known as a Web Link, these planets include Terfall, Uxarth and at least 6 others.

The final realm of the universe is the Blackness, were the web of creation bares no true energy disperse, and somehow beings similar to gods live in the this realm and find ways to sway the ways of Mortals, Gods & Demonkin.

Name Edit

The name is taken from the Titans, the first beings created in this universe through the power of the Web King.


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