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Concept of a Titan

The Titans were members of the first generation of beings created as a direct result of the Web of Creation and dwelled within the primordial expanse of the Titan Universe. They are named titans because their true forms were immensely large in scale compared to other entities that formed after them.

The Titans ruled over the young universe since their creation were they ended up conflicting against one another for dominion, this caused the destruction of many of the earliest entices which came into being during that time period. This conflict when eventually ended by the titans Khalaq and Destro, Who created a object which could control the web directly; the Chord of Fate, with this object the two titans spilt the universe apart into the 3 realms known as Infinia, Mortalia and Obsidia. This splitting of the universe caused many of the titans to be trapped within the realm of Obsidia, far away from the presence of the Web which they fed upon. This left them extremely weak and eventually they perished. Some of the Titans managed to survive and even thrive within the realm whilst others even managed to break the barrier and escape into the other 2 realms.

Physiology Edit

The titans in many respects were the precursors to the Gods, they had almost unmatched magical powers which were a direct link back to the web. However, one defining feature of the titans was that they bore a physical body which their spirit existed within, they could not live as pure energy as the gods do, their physical bodies could exist within the vacuum of space and was able to freely travel in it's emptiness. Their size was incredibly large, they were ten times larger then the first planetoids created from the cosmic dust of the web's wake.

Key Titans Edit

  • Khalaq - The Titan of Life and key believer in the potential of mortals, he alongwith his close brother Destro forged the Chord of Fate to manipulate the Web of Creation into forming the 3 realms Infinia, Mortalia and Obsidia
  • Destro - The Titan of Emotion

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