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Concept of Theda
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Eternal Prayer, Theda Worship
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Date of Birth - Death Before predated history
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Aliases Death, Reaper King
Class God
Nature True Neutral
Theda also known as Death is the God of the dead, dying and the afterlife. One of the 6 Eternal Ones, Theda stands for all that must come to an end and to ensure the maintenance of the universe. Tasked with shepherding Sentient Mortals and Animal Mortals alike who have died to The Afterlife, Theda bares no demonkin of his own so he allowed devoted mortals the option of becoming lesser beings like himself; the Reapers.

Theda does not take an active role in the Endless War, as he his burden requires his full attention, however it is known that he stands for the Eternal One's goal of maintaining the balance of the universe.

Biography Edit

Theda was created as the 2nd of the 3 twin gods created by the titan, Creator with Celestris and Xecien.


Death can appear to mortals as two forms: first his cosmos form which shows his essence as a giant green cloud of Necrotic Energy, or his second, the reaper form, which shows him as a skeleton elf or human depending on the person he is contacting.


  • Theda is the only Eternal Ones that do not bare Demonkin.
  • Theda was originally called Death during the early stages of Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall . The name was change to Theda after patch 1.7
  • Theda is an annogram of Death
  • Theda goes by many names not just his own, he has been called Death, Anu'hadis, Harbringer and Scychon