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The Last Hunter

Concept of the Last Hunter

"The Last Hunter" Is a story event created on Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall which was ochastraded by KingKatanova and a number of roleplayers (their names will be written in the credits). The story itself took place over a six and a half hour period to which in honour to it has been written down into a short story. It takes elements true to my lore and custom from the other players during the game.


The story follows the life of the late Constantine Van Hellsong, a sworn hunter dedicated to vanquishing those of darkness and corruption in the name of justice and morality. His order was established following the events of the first hellic invasion of terfall and has stood watch for centuries, but following its dwindling numbers to just one remaining. the forces of evil have grown, and war is soon to come again on the varied nations of terfall.


"This will be written offline then added at a later date"


  • Nightkolm (red) as the forces of chaos
  • AngelicFury (Purple) as the Kingdom of Arynor
  • AngleachelB (Yellow) as the House of Anther
  • KingKatanova (Orange) as the Last Hunter
  • BMA-ESiCkMaNe (Grey) as Balgarath and the desert orcs
  • PureJohnCena (Light Blue) as the Tower & the Forgotten with Vampires
  • Shepp (Dark Green) as Zera'kay and the axon orcs


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