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Concept Of Thanatos
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Celestris, Theda
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown (Before Predated History)
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Aliases Archangel of Death, Vessel of Theda
Class Archangel
Nature Neutral Good

Thanatos is a Angel who serves as a Archangel for the Angelic Army, and as the physical presence of Theda within the Endless War.


Creation Edit

Thanatos came into being like all other angels, as the Demonkin of the Goddess of Light Celestris, Thanatos along with Velrada and Sealiam original served as the first Archangels who would be the commanders of the Angelic Army for the Endless War.

Endless War Edit

Thanatos accompanied Sealiam's forces during the Endless War by trying to wade of the Aspiral King's Attempts at penetrating into the Titan's Palace. The fighting went for thousands of mortal years with many loses on both sides.

Vessel of Theda Edit

Thanatos whilst being called back from the fighting was caught off guard by that of another being, Theda; God of Death and as of this far had not played a role in the Endless War. Had come to Thanatos to offer him a deal. As the war was taking loses on both sides Theda offered Thanatos a chance at uses a new power which he had never grasped before. If Thanatos was to accept, he would be given a portion of Theda's energy and become his Vessel within the Endless War. Since the Angelic Army was running low on options he gladly accepted. Soon after Theda gave Thanatos the fabled Zaga'rath, which then transformed Thanatos from a archangel of light to a far superior being, an Archangel of Death.


  • Thanatos's name comes from greek mythlogicly, as he was the daemonic personification of death
  • Thanato's was created by Winterhazzard, under Immortal_Wraith and edited by KingKatanova
  • Thanato's was going to be named Malthael, the reaper of souls from Diablo III, however it was eventually decided his name was to be
  • Thanatos as its not taking directly from blizzard
  • Thanatos's weapon, Zaga'rath, was a item originally from Immortal_Wraith's character Marrow, Giving a clear explonation as to who the original owner of Zaga'rath was before eventually Marrow got possession of it
  • Thanatos was most likely the first angel to ever posses something given by other god than Celestris.


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