Terfall is one of the Several planets created by the Eternal Ones using the Web of life. It is the most known planet as it is the center of the Kingdoms of Terfall lore.


Terfall's Name originates from the elvish word "Ter" which means "Tear" in the common tongue. It was believed that Terfall was created when the Eternal One of Light, Celestris wpet a tear of happiness and joy upon the cluster of rock which spawned life. as such it was named "The fallen Tear" which was later renamed to "Terfall".


Terfall's Mortal lives is very diverse. From several 100 different species of fauna and flora, not to mention the million different species of microrganisims. Terfall's more intelligent beings also come in different shapes and sives. Terfall became the home to the more larger Mortal nations which belonged to the Elves, Orcs, GoblinsPandari and the Dwarves. Other races included the Hill Giants, Etrakc and Hyenak. Later over 10000 years 2 new races where created by the Elves, the Humans and Sarrians. Which later the Humans became the most dominate and survivalist race as they could dwell in any of Terfall's habitats. However many old and mysterious creatures of terfall are still able to impress the Sentient races. From the Graega to the submerged Titanic Shark.


Provinces of Terfall

A basic map of Terfall created by KingKatanova

Like Terfall's biodiversity, Terfall's landscape is also very wide and seperating from one another. From mountains slopes to harsh, dry deserts to lush green fields. Terfall consists of 3 main landmasses which the intelligent races took to callin Sisitra , Idara and Uthway with smaller, coustal island masses the Cavern Isles , Shen Isles , Isles of Panrr and Unkwn. Sisitra, the largest of the 3 islands was spit up by the Mortal races into different lands or provinces which include