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Templar Paladin
Templar Paladin
Concept of a Templar Paladin
Vital statistics
Culture Templar Brotherhood
Class Elite Infantry/ Cavalry
Role Rallying underlings, use of light magic on battlefield.
Equipment Templar Heavy Armour, Templar Mace/Sword/Flail
Armour Steel
Templar Paladins were the part of the Military Corp of the Templar Brotherhood, They were the elite solider using both their physical strength and abilities over light magic as a combination of both arms of the brotherhood, they were led by the Lord Paladin.

However after the Templar's fall at the hands of the Chaos Horde, phew of these Paladins survived in other countries. They banded together into a new order; the Sworn Hunters.

History Edit

Origin Edit

The Templar Paladins trance their origin back to the founding of the very Templar Brotherhood they were sworn to protect. When the brotherhood was formed by the three priest of light and their followers, those follower that choose to fight alongside the Idarans in the Idaran & Drakari Conflict were given the title of Paladin under the Light.

These early warriors did not use magic and wore only the equipment they had at hand from the Shenari supporters and the Idaran Clans. But they fought which such ferocity under their faith that many other Idarans that did not sway allegiance to liam Tansis and his war band joined with the newly formed Templar brotherhood, when the conflict was over with both Templar and Idaran victory, the paladins were given honourary statue and their order given the highest appraise and eventually financially and denizen backing by the formed Kingdom of Idara.

Military Reformation Edit

Following the years after the Idaran & Drakari conflict, the Templar Paladin were given the elite status within the Templar Brotherhood, those that wished to join into renowned ranks would have to earn its way in through strength of will, dedication to the faith and the ability to wield magic. For after the conflict many paladins that were already called were required to learn and master light magic of the priests who joined the brotherhood less they be demoted to the Crusader rank which formed after their sted. Some managed the feat whilst most could not.

With this elite status, those within the Paladin rank began believing themselves the chosen ones of Celestris and her blessings, they began degrading their racial and structural view of outsiders and of those underneath their status, and eventually bit by bit became corrupt under their teachings and falling to debauchery and arrogance.

Foreign Conversion Edit


Notable Templar Paladins Edit

References Edit

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