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Techno Commonwealth
Techno Commonwealth Symbol
Concept of the Techno Commonwealth's symbol
Background Information
Type Commonwealth, Repbulic
Location Region of Bleakwinds
Capital Bleakwinds
Founded/Built 120PD
Ruler's Council of Bleakwinds
Other Information
Summary Faction of scientific Goblins
Other Names Republic of Bleakwinds
Inhabitants Goblins, Dwarves
Language Common
Lifespan Still in power
The Techno Commonwealth is a minor faction on Terfall, founded by the Goblins of Bleakwinds and governs over the region of the settlement. It is the first of their kind to break apart from the race's tribal ways and embrace diplomacy and democracy, if however expresses odd decisions and often unorthodox ruling. The Commonwealth stands as a promising beacon into the Goblin's future within the national view.

History Edit

  • Past Leaders: Chieftain Razz'Oi,
  • Current Leader: Techno Council
  • Faction Colours: Orange
  • Domains: Bleakwind Valley, Amber Rockies

The history of the Techno Commonwealth begins with Razz'Oi. the "pioneer of Tech". Razz'Oi became leader to the Bleakwind Tribe as his first automaton defeated all other contenders to the role. Through radical changes to the structure of the tribe and with the training of their minds towards machines and science, the name "Techno Commonwealth" was coined by the Dwarven King of Jaggar, believing that this group of goblins could turn away from their selfish and bloodthirsty views to seek command good.

The commonwealth's invention became more infiuental to Bleakwinds and its warriors. The use of the automatons known as "Clockwork Soldiers" became an extension of the commonwealth's fighting force, and what goblins still fought focused on the use of the ranged devestation of gunpowder based weapons similar to that of the Dwarves they commonly worked and trained with.

References Edit

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