Sworn Hunter

A Sworn Hunter

Sworn Hunters were the Remanence of the Templars who renounced there Light Worship in pursuit of condemming the unholy and the sinners of Terfall by causing their own sins. Sworn hunters would torture anything they found to be inpure and they would not give up until they where dead from the pain inflicted apon them. Sworn hunters espically hunted down Werekind, Vampires, Hellspawn and Undead, and even then would kill the ones closest to them in their pursuit.


Sworn Despra

The Sworn Hunters Sworn Despra

After the events of the Chaos War , many of the Templars of the former Templar Brotherhood returned to the ruined Monastary Prime. They believed that justice and purity would prevail above all else, including the Light, they shuned themselves from their former religon and renounced their faith to Celestris. They blacked their attire and addorned the inconic Sworn Despra and went of into all corners of Terfall, investigating and hunting the ones deemed impure and sinful.


Sworn Hunters use a variety of weapons within their garments, they used weapons that could be easily hidden and lightwieght, they also incorperated weapons of the new age such as smoke bombs, pistols, crossbows and handcannons. The main weapon however would be their inconic Templar Longsword


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