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Sons Of Var'fuil
The demon lord by noxypia-d4uam5m
Concept Of Sons Of Var'fuil
Vital statistics
Affiliation Republic of Var'fuil (Formally)
Age Unknown - Presumed around 10,000ER
Aliases Snow Demons, Ice Controllers,
Religion Eternal Prayer
Mount None
Leader High Council Of Var'fuil
Intelligence 7-8
Height 5-7 feet
Environment Any but prefer cold, snowy regions
Lifespan Cannot die from old age (however presumed 1,000,000 years)

Sons Of Var'fuil where a species of Sentient Mortals that evolved on the planet Var'fuil and had been living in peace for many thousands of years. However, there race alongwith their planet disappeared from history, if they where destroyed or corrupted, we do not know. All that was left of their kind is the young prince Ascalon who surived by entering a portal taking him to the planet Terfall.




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