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Concept of Skullhold
Vital statistics
Status Castle, Captial
Alliases Fortress of Death
Affiliation Cult of Skulls
Occupants Humans, Sarrien, Drakari
Location Naz'grim, Jaqua
Skullhold also known as the Fortress of Death was a settlement found in the region of Naz'grim, it was a fortress built to be the headquarters to the Cult of Skulls following their creation and the starting of the War of Bones.

However, following the Siege of Skullhold at the end of the war and the death of the Death Prophet Mardrake Transfer, Skullhold was left as a crumbling ruin, but was still full of twisted Undead and remnants of the cult that still linger there to this day.

History Edit

Origin Edit

Before the creation of the fortress named Skullhold, what originally stood there was a randomly selection of tents which housed a number of outcast mages from the Luna's College of Magic. They were surviving on nothing but scraps of merchant wagons they raided along Laeroth's Highway. Once the former Light Priest Mardrake Transfer came to the outcast mages, he unified them under the fulfillment of Theda's wishing and formulating the Cult of Skulls. Were all the mages became necromancers under Mardrake's teaching.

Once the Drakari under Raldar came into the fold of the Cult of Skulls as the Emissary to the Covenant of Shen'dow, they provided the cult masons and builders which exhauled the resources around Naz'grim to forge Skullhold

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