Skeleton Warriors are the first class of Skeleton within the Undead formations, they are the first to be formed, the easiest type of Skeleton to maintain for a time and the most battle organised. However they are the weakest form of Skeletons and can be killed (or returned) easily just by knocking out the Necromatic Energy conduit which lies within their chests. much like the other types of Skeletons, when these are summoned to do the bidding of a Necromancer they bare none of their former memories and feelings, They only do as their master commands.

Skeleton Dwarf

Skeleton Warrior summoned from a Dwarf corpse

Uses by NationsEdit

Black CovenentEdit

The Drakari of the Black Covenent where the first to begin using Skeleton warriors in their armies. They first used them with great effect on their colony of Idara during the Idara Crisis. Then after their demise when the Templars and the Idara Kingdom rouse up against their undead forces. Afterwards the Drakari contiuned to use Skeleton Warriors as foot soldiers against their island cousins; the Shenari and their Dawn Republic.

Cult of SkullsEdit

The most known nation of all to use skeletons was the Cult of Skulls. They would use thousands of Skeletons warriors, backed in with all the other Skeleton Classes including Archers, Brutes and Constructs who where controlled by only a hand full of Necromancers. However their Skeleton forces where greatly reduced when Mardrake Transfer; their leader was killed and their unholy book; the Chronicles of necromancy was lost to them.

Highland RepublicEdit

To beat back the Vampire's Regime of Blood within the Highland Pass. The Reaperling; Katarine Transfer summoned a platoon of advanced Skeleton Warriors that acted in oppertation with the Highland City Guards and the Snow Rangers. Acting as city guards and Van Guards to Katarine Transfer herself.

Kingdom of StarsEdit

Under strict rules and regulations to ensure that Necromatic Energy is not missued. Necromancer Trainees within the Kingdom where alloued to summon 1 Skeleton Warrior to act as their protecters as they contiuned their training. They would use the corpse of a dead family member that was allready dead before they went under training.