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Sithic was a well known Gelldir Noble that was the Leader of the Light Templars; the original concept of the Templar Brotherhood. He was one of the main Gelldir to formalise the other Elven races into forming the Elven Empire. Despite his affliction with Light, he was considered a tyrant and thug who often beat up the innocent people into submission or for his self satisfaction. He served as a council member of the Elven Court and was the noted Advisor of Arangro; the White Emporer. He loved in torturing and butchering his slave race; the Humans which why his was givin the name "Tryant of Light". Sithic's reign was terror was not to last as he perished in Firestone during the Darkening; when the city was destoryed by Vulco (Later called Mount Hela by the Humans).


  • Sithic has so far never made an appearance on Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall because in lore, he was dead before the timeline of KoT ever began.

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