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Concept of a Shenari
Vital statistics
Affiliation Dawn Republic, Elven Empire (Formerly)
Age 15,000ER - N/A
Aliases Dawn Elves
Religion Light Worship
Mount Horse, Dire Hawk
Leader Dawn Council
Intelligence 8
Height 4-6 ft
Environment Any
Lifespan Biological Immortality
The Shenari also known Dawn Elves in Common are a race of Elves hailing from the Shen Isles. They are the famed for their abilities of magic and understanding of history.


The Shenari where one of the older forms of Elves in Terfall. But the most isolated, they remained silent to the other Elves but the Drakari that they shared the Shen Isles with. The Shenari alongwith the Drakari settled their differences when they both joined


Shenari usally appear as peach tanned, white and yellow garment wearing elves. Usally the same size as most sterotypical elves. Deep yellow eyes to make. there skin comes in ranges from light to beach yellow. there garments also come with symbols of eagles and wings which reflexs the Shenari's Relation with the Elven Empire.



The Shenari are part of the Light Worship prayer to Celestris, the Goddess of Light