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Concept of Shen'Dow
Vital statistics
Status Town (Formerly), Captial
Alliases Black Hill, City of the Dead
Affiliation Dawn Republic (Formerly), Black Covenant, Elven Empire (Formerly)
Occupants Shenari (Formerly), Drakari
Location North East Shen Isles
Shen'dow also known as The Black Hill & the City of the Dead is a settlement found on the Shen Isles which is controlled by the Drakari of the Covenant of Shen'dow.


Origin Edit

Shen'dow began as a mere town of the early Shenari, which focused on the rich mining resources of iron and minerals located across its region, however it was often overlooked due to the shenari not focusing on military in those early years.

Drakari Takeover Edit

Following the Drakari's mass arrival to the Shen isles after the loss of their homeland a century beforehand. They focused on conquering the isles from the Shenari so that the Dark elves could prosper once again, they made short work on conquering the forces of Shen'dow and the surrounding region, they would have continued their assault had the Grim Council not called the Shenari for a truce to concede the lands of Shen'dow in exchange for not conquering the remainder of the Shenari's territory. The Shenari, knowing that it was a loss-loss deal regardless they agreed to the council's terms.


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