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Concept of a Orc Shaman

Shamen are a type of Mage found in most tribal cultures that perform certain tasks for their tribe, such as the brewing of potions, healing wounds and communicating with their forefathers.



Shamans are classed and named different depending on what magical source they use and for what purpose they are using it. They are multiple classes of shamans that could be found but this list will detail the main 3 classes known.

  • Mystics - Mystics use Death Energy to communicate with their ancestors and to use their eternal power to the cause of their tribe. Such spells mystics use can be Essence Tap, Ancestral Wolves and Spirit Wave.
  • Medicine Men - Medicine Men use a combination of Light Energy, Earth Energy, Air Energy and Alchemy to create healing salves and empower their brethren in battle. Such spells Medicine Men use can be Healing Totem, Shamanic Shackles and Divine Bolt.
  • Magi - Magi use a combination of the primary elements such as Fire Energy, Air Energy, Water Energy and Earth Energy to decimate their foes and summon powerful elementals to aid them in battle. Such spells Magi use can be Bloodflame, Thunder strike and Earth Shield.
  • Witch Doctors - Witch Doctores use Shadow Energy to trick and blind their foes or empower their allies with overcharging magics that will take the user's soul. Such spells Witch Docters use can be Shadow Puppet, Dark Bolt and Ebony Ward.


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