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Shakuma Captain
Concept of a Shakuma warrior
Vital statistics
Affiliation Shakuma Tribes (Formerly) Hahaskan Empire
Age 3000ER - N/A
Aliases N/A
Religion Eternal Prayer
Mount Horse, Elephant
Leader Shakuma Chieftains (Formerly), Hahaskan Emperor
Intelligence 7
Height 5 - 6 feet
Environment Any
Lifespan 80 years

 The Shakuma are a race of humans that descend from the desert province of Shakara and is one of the human races within the Hahaskan Empire.


Elven RuleEdit

Shakuma where slaves that laboured over the Viri under close watch by the Gelldir. Around

Post Darkening - Empire of HahaskaEdit

With the Shakuma now free of the Gelldir's tryanny they began the construction of several settlements along the Mountainside which hugged the Orange Plains. Between their knowledge over Viri Architecture and Posperety, they prospured and formed a kingdom of their own under the Sandrule Family. However these plentiful and genouris years where not to pass as the Shakuma where soon plunged into tribal warface against the Plainsmen hordes from the north just to keep from losing their lands. After many years of Bloodshed the 2 factioms eventually managed to come to an aggrement which would best both parties. The Shakuma would keep the Shakara Desert whilst the Plainsman would rule over them nationally as a unified Province. This idea was accepted by Chieftain Maslum Dusk and later he renamed this into the Empire of Hahaska, and married Vehna Sandrule which would lead to the royal family bloodline being both Shakuma and Plainsman.

Culture Edit

The Shakuma's Culture is based primarily on parts of North African, Persian, Indian and Arabian cultures of 1000 to 1600 A.D.

Name Edit

Their name is derived from the ancient viri term "Shac'uma" which means "foreign worker". Due to their swift and decisive conquering Shakara from the Gelldir after the Darkening, the Shakuma are renowned as versatile and cunning warriors.

Appearance Edit

Shakuma are a average scaled human race, smaller then the likes of the Highlander and Helliens however possess greater agility and endurance to make up for it. Their hairstyles vary from thick to trimmed with colours ranging from light brown, amber, red and black.

Weapons and Armour Edit

Shakuma warrior could use a variety of weapon choices, however most preferred to use the spear, scimitar, shield and bow, these weapons allow both the flexibility of quick reflex and fast strikes.

The Shakuma's choice in armour in combat was primarily bronze due to the high amounts of bronze deposited in Shakara, this bronze in later years has been improved with the use of iron and even steel imported. Their designed influnced by Arabian Designs.

References Edit

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