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Concept of a Shakaven
Vital statistics
Affiliation Shakaven Kingdom
Age 35,000ER - N/A
Aliases Spiderkin
Religion Anarok Worship
Mount None
Leader Shakaven King
Intelligence 7
Height 8-10 feet
Environment Any, but prefer desert caves
Lifespan 200 years

The Shakaven are species of Aranchids that exist within the Shakara Desert. They dwell in underground hives skattered around its large sand plains. The Shakaven where and are still considered to be the beastial allies of the long existint race of the Viri, and still to this day, they guard their allies once magnifiecient temples and cities as if they where still amongst them. 

Eventually they feel victum to the curse of Undeath which corrupted their allies and became the Mummies pet hunters and scouts within the Undeath.

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