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Shadow Curse Clan
Shadow Curse Clan
Concept of the Shadow Curse Clan's symbol
Background Information
Type Clan
Location Eastern Greater Highpass
Capital Shadowholde
Founded/Built Unknown
Ruler's Balgarath (Formerly), Ha'ri (Formerly)
Other Information
Summary Necromantic Orcs
Other Names Cult of Balgarath
Inhabitants Orcs
Language Orcish, Avarish
Lifespan dispersed following 1185PD

The Shadow Curse Clan is a former orc clan which was last led by Ha'ri, the first Orc Lich. The Clan was known for rejecting the shamanic values of their fellow orcs and choosing to follow the guidance of the necrolyte Balgarath. They formed their own clan within the snowtop mountains beyond the dwarven realm were they practiced necromancy and the worship of Theda.

The Clan remained elusive from elves, humans and dwarves for centuries until they join forces with the Cult of Skulls, however with the cult's final defeat and subsequent dispersal, so did the Shadow Curse Clan, dispersing into the shadows from their name.


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