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Sendil Eilliwood
Sendil Eilliwood
Concept of Sendil Eilliwood
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars,
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Date of Birth - Death 1122PD
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Aliases Noble of Katastar, Knight of the Eagle, Captain of the Knights of the Eagle, Steward of Katastar, Arbiter of the Kingdom of Stars
Class Knight of the Eagle
Nature Neutral Good
 Sendil Eilliwood was a Katien noble who was the best friend to the 3rd king of stars Andrew Katanova, Sendil became a Knight of the Eagle to be Andrew's protector and went on to become the captain of the knighthood.

Sendil was made Steward of Katastar following the birth of Andrew's children and when he eventually died was made the Arbiter of Rule to the Kingdom of Stars, however the civil war of the War for Katanova broke out shortly after.

Sendil and that of Katastar remained neutral during the civil war and when the war ended with the Alliance of the Princesses victorious, Sendil chose the youngest heir and main leader of the alliance Larissa Katanova to be the next Queen of Stars.

Following the coronation of Larissa, Sendil retired his position as both Steward of Katastar and Captain to the Knights of the Eagle. Sendil would spend his remaining years with his wife and youngest children until his death at the age of 65 in 1187PD. He was buried in the starlet mountains alongside Andrew Katanova.


Early LifeEdit

Sendil was born into the Eilliwood Family of Katastar in 122PD. He was the last born child of William and Mercy Eilliwood, his 2 sisters before him where Amira and Rosa. When Sendil became of age, he went down the path of his family and joined the Kata's Guard. Where he recieved exceptional reviews. By 18 he was appointed the personal bodyguard of Prince Andrew Katanova, this was how the 2 young men's friendship grew, Andrew was reluctant at first but eventually was greatful for his father's desicion to point Sendil as his Guard. Andrew got to learn about about Sendil and often Andrew would ask for his opinion in situations. Sendil also sometimes after the Prince if he could visit his family, of which the Prince actully came along with him. The Friendship between the 2 was strong and even proved there worth when Haskan Assassin's tried to execute Andrew Katanova after Morgim refused a alliance with them. Sendil defended the young prince with honour and verocity.


The Bone WarEdit

End of the Bone War- Pre War for KatanovaEdit

War for KatanovaEdit

Stepping DownEdit

Later LifeEdit



  • Sendil made his first appearance into the Titan Land games during the pilot verison of Rise of Kingdoms under the name "Sir.Katanova"
  • Sendil never fully went by "Sendil Eilliwood" until Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall
  • Sendil has allways used the same unit model in the Titan land game series, the Royal Captain
  • In the Titan Land game genre, Sendil was seen using starshine magic similar to Andrew Katanova, however true canon makes him a non magic user