a typical Scorku

Scorku are a arachnid beast of Terfall in the Jewel Desert, used especially by the Sarrians, Scorku roam the dunes and are used as a form of transportation.

Society Edit

Not much is known about Scorku, it is said that the Sarrians found them wandering the Jewel Desert looking for a home after losing theirs to either the Viri or Gelldir. It is believed that Scorku are independent but share a spiritual bond with a rider, most likely Sarrian. Scorku did not speak but they could communicate with their rider telepathically. They feed off either small desert insects or even as far as other Sentient Mortals who cross the Sarrians territory without permission.

Appearance Edit

Scroku are described as being massive, intelligent Scorpion-like creatures that walk across the long dunes of the Jewel Desert with a Sarrians Rider.

References Edit

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