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Concept of Sain
Vital statistics
Species/Race Sarrian
Affiliation Sandnish Tribe, Kingdom of Stars
Origin Sandish Central Encampment, Jaqua
Date of Birth - Death 11125PD - 1176
Relations Denro (Brother) - Berran (Father) - Lehak (Wife) - Andi (Son) - Mara (Daughter)
Aliases Sain of Sands, Chieftain Sain
Class Psamancer
Nature Neutral Good
 Sain later known as Sain of Sands is a Sarrian who became Chieftain of the Sandstone Hills Tribe, Leading his people through the turmoils of both the War for Katanova and the Chaos War. Sain has been a loyal supporter to the Kingdom of Stars however he was unable to unify the Sarrians in that belief as the White Scorku Tribe and Iron Dakar Tribe continued to remain hostile to the Katanovians and Sain's tribe.


Sain was born in the year 22PD to Janro and a unamed sarrian female in the Sandstone Hills Camp, throughout his childhood, Sain learned the ways of his people through the teachings of the camp's females, then later in his years learned the ways of the warriors and hunters in the lonely dunes. It was believed that when sain was ready, he would take rule over the tribe from his father so he was trained how to lead and respond to his people. When he became of age he could work, Sain became a Shaman which came as a surpised to his father who wanted a warrior son.


Sain has allways been kind, couragous and knowledgable, a far choose for chieftain. Sain has never held a grudge against another being and supports unity, he believes that a nation united is superior then nations divided, this is most likely why Sain seeked knowledge and understanding from the human settlers to Jaqua; the Luniens.


  • Sain was originally designed by in rise of kingdoms as a sand troll hero, he later was remodeled into a broken draenari in kingdoms of terfall following the originally concept of the sarrians.
  • Sain originally went by "Sain of Sands" as his full name, it was then dropped for just sain and then readded to him following his ancension to chieftainship, making "of sands" a title of sorts