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Saia Whisperwind (Katanova)
Saia Whisperwind
Saia within her Shenari Arcanist atire
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Dawn Republic, Kingdom of Stars
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Date of Birth - Death 173PD
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Aliases Half-Elf Mage, Siren of Breath, wife of Andrakeas Katanova
Class Sorcerer, Gyromancer
Nature Lawful Good
 Saia Whisperwind later Saia Katanova is a Half Elf Sorcerer of Shenari and Lunien origin who was noted for her role in the Chaos War; assisting Andrakeas Katanova in saving the Luniens devasted by the destruction of Lunastar. After the Chaos War, Saia married Andrakeas Katanova becoming Saia Katanova and had 3 children with him. Due to her elven bloodline she lived far longer then that of the unholy prince but she to died out with the hope of returning to be with her lover in 313PD, becoming the longest living Katanova in history.



  • Saia Whisperwind was orginally a request by ________
  • Saia was perhaps the first request hero to be fully implemented into KoT.
  • during Saia's early description, it spoke of that she was killed and perhaps eaten by the Mutant Abomination Cleaverworn, however this was changed due to Cleaverworn or the Church of Madness never invading Terfall.
  • Saia is the second Half-Elf character design, the first Shenari-type. The first is Kithrail of the Nighthovens.