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Concept of Rioclya
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Elven Empire (Formerly), Dominion of Winter
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Date of Birth - Death Presumed 5000-6000ER
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Aliases Mage of Magnis, God of the Frozen North
Class Cryomancer
Nature Neutral Evil (Formerly Lawful Good)
Rioclya was a Gelldir Cryomancer who after performing a mysterious ritual to draw the magic from the Glacier Crystals became the first Winterscared and was trapped within the glacier for over 3000 years.

However, after the Njordsir found his resting place deep within the caves under Uthway, they somehow awoken him and with his awakening began the War of Winter with his tainted Winterscared followers. He then made his residence within the Frozen Citadel.

Rioclya's now belived himself himself to be a a being that could rival the Gods themselves and claim ownership of all ice.


Rioclya's origin still remains a mysterious, as his records can only be found on his attendance within Magnis Tower. It is assumed that Riocyla grew up in one of the Gelldir outskirts villages in the mountains of Gell. Where his magical abilities would have been discovered from an early age, he was then most likely sent for both his protection and that of his family and friends that he left his village and came to the Magnis Tower to study, which would help him learn to control his powers.

Time in the Magnis Tower Edit

It was recorded that Rioclya attended the tower for at least 200 years, where he mainly focuses his powers in the teachings of Ice Magic. Where after the tower recognised him as a fully qualified mage gave him the rank of Cryomancer and a qualified Mage of Magnis.

With his departure from the tower, he must hae returned to his homeland and stays there for some time, he must have been under gowning politics as when he arrived in uthway, he was already an influential Gelldir bureaucrat.
Rioclya Elf

Rioclya as a Elfkin Cryomancer


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