Concept of a Renegade

Renegade is the unified name given to outlaws on Terfall. They are the bane of every civilised nation as they stand against them for their independence or revolution, some of the renegades have even banded together to form the Kingdom of Renegades.

Reason for becoming a RenegadeEdit

There can be several reasons for a Sentient Mortal on Terfall to become a Renegade. They could have been brought into through birth as a child of a pirate or bandit and that is the only role they know, they could have choosen it by own right as they enjoy to raid, pillage and rape the innocent or thoses under the rule of a faction. Sometimes there entire organisation has been brandished as outlaws and have to are made renegades in the process

However, the majority of the time people become renegades is because they have a personal vendetta against a faction, they where branded as outlaws by a faction they live in and where force into a life of crime to seek vengence or just to scrape by on a day to day basis.



  • Renegades did appear in Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms, however only as Bandits under the warcraft lore, during that game however they eventually picked up Maia Darksea, the first Pirate character and with her pirate ships.
  • Renegades did appear in Titan Land Fall of Kingdoms, however only as Pirates and only used Kingdoms of Terfall Lore, they where identically designed like the bandits of RoK.
  • Renegades have appeared in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall since the early beta and so far is the only titan land game to use there title of renegades. Originally in the early verisons only contains Bandits and Pirates but as of 1.8 have also included Assassins and Dragon Cultists.


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