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A Prayer symboling religious belief

Religion is act of Sentient Mortals bestowing their faith through their values, fears, and hopes. Most religions centre around a God however not all do such as Shamanism centres around the spirit. A new form of religion that recieves enough followers will manifest the faith into an active God, however the religion must remain in order to keep the affiniated god within the Realm of Magic.

Notable ReligionsEdit

Abbey of EternityEdit

Faith of Light Edit

  • Focus - Celestris, Goddess of Light
  • Members - Most Sentient Mortal Species.

Faith of Death Edit

  • Focus - Theda, God of Death
  • Members - Drakari

Five Paths Edit

  • Focus - Starlet, Goddess of Freedom
  • Members - Katanovians

Great Spirits Edit

  • Focus -

Ways of the Hunt Edit


  • Focus - the well-being of the spirit by following the sacred ways
  • Members - Orcs, Goblins, Humans (Plainsmen), Hatishi, Hill Giants, Etrakc


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