Red Legionary
Red Legionary
Concept of a Red Legionary
Vital statistics
Culture Kingdom of Axon
Class Elite Infantry
Role Vanguard and enforcers of the kingdom's law, defenders of the country
Equipment Red Steel shield, Steel sword
Armour Red Steel, Steel, Iron, Cloth, Leather
The Red Legionaries are a military unit that forms the elite of the Kingdom of Axon, they are heavy infantry known to hold up the shield line and are adorned in red tinted armour. They are part of the Red Legion.



The Red Legionaries began with the forming of the Kingdom of Axon in ---PD (Date Unknown atm), originally most of the legionaires were katanovian knights under the Kingdom of Stars, some were former members of the Rajûm Elite and even the Swordmaster of Highpass, who all came to Axon after the Chaos Horde following a mass refugee effort their. The Legion grew just before the founding of independence in Axon, where it was made to keep the peace through what refugees had come through, When members Philip ----- and Jason Mire, and several notable Axon noblity revolted against the regin of the Kingdom of Stars and formed their very own nation, under Philip ----- as their King.

The Red Legionaires form the elitle taskforce of the newly founded kingdom following the hahaskan Empire declaring war against them due to no longer being part of the kingdom of star's truce, and the Crimson orcs that had now occupied much of Scorn following the helliens exacuation there. The legionaire started to addorn the more reconisable Red Steel armor and shields.


The Red Legionaires tactic in the majority of battles is towards the shield wall, standing side by side with his fellow man and woman in a tite formation that can withstand infantry advances, cavalry charges and even ranged vollies. These shield walls woudl also include the more newer and fresher Axoni military from the Centurions and Cohorts.

However the main dilema of the Red Legionaires is that they bare next to no ranged capabilitys, due to the sheer weight of the armor they carry, it makes any from of accuracy redundant, this gives more skirmisher based Hahaskan units on horseback have a slight advantage of being able to outrange and outmanuever them. However due to the shield wall being almost impervous to arrows, the red legionaires stand more defensive then offesnive.