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Rebellion of the Princes
Rebellion of the Princes
Concept of Rebels of the Princes
Background Information
Type Rebellion
Location Scorn, Cavern Isles, Badland
Capital Helastar
Founded/Built 170PD
Ruler's Tirith & Orule Katanova
Other Information
Summary Splinter faction of the Kingdom of Stars
Other Names Katanovian Rebellion, Tirith's Rebellion
Inhabitants Helliens, Omeniens, Goblins
Language Common
Lifespan disbanded 171PD (18 months later)

The Rebellion of the Princes also known as the Katanovian Rebellion or Tirith's Rebellion was a faction formed by Tirith Katanova & Orule Katanova's for their campaign during the War for Katanova. They fought against the Alliance of the Princesses, who supported the ideals of the Kingdom of Stars and it's late King; Andrew Katanova. The aim of the rebellion was to remove Lara Katanova & Maria Katanova's dominion in the Kingdom of Stars and crown the two princes as rulers over the land.

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