Katarine Transfer

A Reaperling is a sub form of the Undead similar to that of Reapers found on Terfall. They are those who undertook the special variant of the Reaper Ritual performed by Uwen Lichen and who survived. They where given the unmatched powers of a Reaper however at a cost of their own mortality as there bodies would wither away, slowly making them like zombies. Only 1 recorded Reaperling survived Uwen's experiment, Katarine Transfer.

Traits Edit

Strengths Edit

Reaperlings possess the unmatched and godlike powers of what a Reaper can wield. Possibly even more because as their own bodies deteriorate, there death energy's power increases.

Weaknesses Edit

Reaperlings are unable to be reborn from the marrow of other creatures, they are condemned to the body that they became life with. Meaning that if there bodies where completely destroyed, the Reaperling would be in never ending nightmare of spiritual entrapment of their broken bodies. Another part of the Reaperlings body weakness is that the body will deteriorate over time, as there is no life source to keep the body fresh, it decays at a alarming rate without the use of Death Energy to keep there bodies clock still.

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