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Realm of Thal'dim
Dwarves of the Spine
Concept of the Realm of Thal'dim Flag
Background Information
Type Realm, City-state
Location Surface of Ravin
Capital Thal'dim
Founded/Built Unknown
Ruler's Council of Thal'dim
Other Information
Summary Free state of the Dwraves
Other Names Dwraves of the Spine, Realm of the Spine
Inhabitants Dwarves
Language Dwarven, Common
Lifespan Still in power
The Realm of Thal'dim also known as the Realm of the Spine and the Dwarves of the Spine is a independent faction of the Dwarves which domains over the surface region of Ravin.

History Edit

Early Years Edit

in the early years of the Dwarven society, phew of them ventured up into the great lands of the open ceiling and blue skies. Those that did struggled to withstand its harsh, cold conditions and difficult terrain.

Formation of Thaldim Edit

Claim Independence Edit

Society Edit

The Realm of Thal'dim is said to be independant in its dealings, it seeks no affliction with that of the other major factions. It focuses mainly on trading with the Dwarven Kingdoms and that of the lands beyond Ravin.

References Edit

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